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My first Big Festival

Last month, though it feels like a year ago, I got to fulfill one of my first big goals in comedy. I performed on the Rogue Island Comedy Festival. It was a tremendous feeling performing in front of these amazing comics that have traveled huge distances to be on the same festival that I'm lucky enough to have in my back yard. But, there's a weird thing that happens when you do something that you've really wanted. You step off the stage and your mind goes "now what?" What's the next step? Being on this festival has pushed me to grow as a comic more than most things since beginning comedy. My set was not what I wanted, despite being so happy to be there. Did I bomb? no, but.... I was nervous, my timing was off, and my jokes felt undeveloped. So now I keep going. I push to write more, to clean, and develop, and time. I get better, and hopefully get to show my face there in the future. That's how comedy works. Hard work will put you where the good luck can find you, and honey, I'm here to work hard.

Huge shout out to Doug Key for running the festival and giving me the opportunity, and Tristan Pinnock for the great photos.

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