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Welcome and Thank You

Welcome! Welcome, one and all. Its probably just one of you though, right? Because what kind of weirdo group uses a computer together? Welcome to my website. Super weird throwing a blog out there, AND super pretentious feeling too. But, you know what they say... Nothing ventured nothing gained. So... Here I am making a website for the start of my hopefully long career in comedy. I think a mission statement is in order:

Mission Statement:

I, Kirsten Logan, solemnly vow, to always find the funny. I vow to spread the funny to others. I intend to never let myself be complacent in my jokes. That I strive to always find A to C jokes, and that I continue to help the comedy community in whatever way I can.

For now, onward "Funny Hunters" on the quest for the tower. (I finished the Dark Tower series today if ya' kennit. Funny people are often geeks.)


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